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Charity runner donation program has been decided.

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The Joy of Running,
The Joy of Others

The Nippon Foundation is looking for Nippon Foundation Charity Runners who are looking to share the joys of running with others through donations to the Tokyo Marathon 2020 charity in cooperation with the Nippon Foundation.

Money from donations will go to the **Dream Scholarship Project** which provides financial support to young people in public care to pursue higher education.

Charity runner donation program
Marathon clinic with professional trainer

Event date
[1st] 2019/11/10 (Sun) 14:00
[2nd] 2020/02/11 (Tue) 14:00
How to apply
For active charity runners,
We will guide you by email after October.
3-1 Higashiyashio, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo


2019/11/10 (Sun) 14:00

"The Gear, the Body and a Plan for Marathon"
--The Total Guide to the Preparation for Full Marathon

  • How to select running shoes
  • Stretch & Training
  • How to Practice
  • Learn about good running form
Makoto Kimura

Makoto Kimura

President, RUNART Inc

As a president of RUNART, a total support brand for runners, Kimura is the best doctor for every runner. He is also an owner-operator of RUNART Foot Hospital in Komazawa Park. Users of that facility are now over 1600 persons from 7 countries.

Kimura is a chairman of on-line salon Marathon University, which is managed with Japanese top-class running coaches. He is also a Japan CBO of Formthotics, which are medical high grade insoles now used in 52 countries. As a certified instructor, he teaches podiatry to physical therapists all over Japan every month.

Kimura is Japanese pioneer of on-line service for runners. His YouTube channel view count is now over 1.9 million. His blog is viewed by 4 million so far. He is the author of "Success Formula for Running" (Published by Shuhunotomo-sha).

Official Website for RUNART Inc

Marathon Records:
  • Sahara Race 2016 (250km): Finished
  • Saroma Lake Ultra Marathon (100km): Finished
  • Challenge Fuji 5 Lakes Ultra Marathon (100km): Finished
  • Tokyo Marathon Charity Run, and many others.
  • Full Marathon Personal Best: 2:57:42


2020/02/11 (Tue) 14:00

"On the Eve of Marathon Race Day: What to Know & What to Do"
--The last-minute training & preparation guide

  • Review the 1st clinic
  • How to train at the last minute (Practices, Eats, Wear and other things)
  • Strategy Guide for Tokyo Marathon course
Makoto Kimura

Makoto Kimura

President, RUNART Inc
Kenichi Shirakata

Kenichi Shirakata

Head Coach, TopGear International LLC

Since December 2011, Shirakata had supported Shin Fujiwara, Men's Marathon runner who represented Japan at 2016 London Olympics, as a training partner. Since 2015, he is also supporting Kaori Yoshida, who won second place in Saitama International Marathon.

Shirakata, head coach at TopGear Running Club, chose full marathon as his life-long sports. He is now proposing an original method for every runner to suit each lifestyle.

For beginner runners, Shirakata organize many running races and clinics all over Japan. His theoretical training method is easy to understand for everybody and has a great reputation.

Official Website for TopGear International LLC:

Marathon Records:
  • Honolulu Marathon: 8th
  • Maui Marathon: 5th
  • Le Marathon des Chateaux du Medoc: 14th
  • Nobeyama Ultra Marathon (71km): 1st
  • Rockin' Bear (36km): 7th
  • Fuji Mountain Race: 6th
  • Fukuoka Kokusai Marathon: Finished (2011-15)
  • Full Marathon Personal Best: 2:29:13

The Nippon Foundation Dream Scholarship Charity Runner Donation Program

The following programs have been prepared for charity runners donating to The Nippon Foundation Dream Scholarship.

Details subject to change without prior notice.

Pre-marathon foot care advise from foot specialist

Original running accessories

Meet & greet with scholarship recipients

The Nippon Foundation Charity Runner Donation Program

Register to be a charity runner
in Tokyo Marathon 2020

  • Register to be a charity runner in Tokyo Marathon 2020.
  • Receive invitation to information session about the Dream Scholarship Project and meet with scholarship recipients. [^1]
  • Receive your special Nippon Foundation charity runner gift. [^1]
  • Donations are tax-deductible. [^2]
  • Participation is possible as an individual or corporate representative.

[^1]: Details subject to change.

[^2]: In the case of corporate participants, please contact the tax bureau to see if your donation qualifies for a deduction.

Supporting Children’s Education

  • Donations received will support young people in public care to pursue higher education such as colleges, graduate schools and vocational schools.

About The Nippon Foundation Dream Scholarship Project

The goal of this project is to support the over 40,000 young people in Japan who are in public care.

Charity in Action

Participating Alone

One of the joys of participating in a marathon is the connection you make with other runners. Even if you are running Tokyo Marathon 2020 on your own, let your running be an inspiration to others. Run for the future!

Participating with Friends & Family

Facing a challenge like running a marathon is made easier when you are running with friends & family. Take this opportunity to see the city together, experience the joy of completing your goal together, and most importantly, have a great time together!

Participating with Co-Workers

Having dinner and drinks with your colleagues after-hours is fun, but working together to make a contribution to society, like becoming a Tokyo Marathon 2020 charity runner, is a great way to deepen your relationships at work.

The Nippon Foundation Dream Scholarship Overview

Event date
March 1, 2020
Registration period
No longer accepting applications.
Limited to 1000 participants. *The 1000 participants will include individuals from 26 different charity groups.
Registration requirements
  • Must donate 200,000 JPY or more and wish to run in Tokyo Marathon 2020.
  • Must be 19 or older.
  • Must be able to complete marathon within 6 hours 40 minutes. (Participants with difficulty running unassisted should be accompanied.)
  • Must meet other general participant requirements.
Donation amount
200,000 JPY or more *Donation must be made in 1,000 JPY increments.
*Donations will go to Dream Scholarship Project to support the education of young people in public care.
Participation fees
Domestic: 16,200 JPY
International: 18,200 JPY
*Required to become a Tokyo Marathon 2020 charity runner.

Register for Charity in Action

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Fill out all necessary information in the registration form linked to from this site. (You will receive a confirmation email afterwards.)


Check the confirmation email from The Nippon Foundation for more registration information.

*If you pre-registered and would like to make changes to your registration, please fill out the applicable fields with the appropriate information.

Visit the donation page from the confirmation email in order to make a deposit of 200,000 JPY or more. After receiving your deposit, your temporary registration with The Nippon Foundation will be complete.


When registering for Tokyo Marathon 2020, please use the same name, birthdate, gender, and nationality provided to The Nippon Foundation.

*Please be advised that it may not be possible to register if you already registered for Tokyo Marathon 2020 before confirming your donation. *Participation fee for Tokyo Marathon 2020 is also required separately.

【The Nippon Foundation Donation Charity Desk】

Business Hours: Monday–Friday (excluding holidays) 9am–5pm

The Nippon Foundation Dream Scholarship Project is a donation organization for the Tokyo Marathon 2020 Charity Project.

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